C-EPS assembly and testing production line
EPS steering component automatic alignment solution

KTS-TD1000E automobile electric power steering component automatic alignment machine
This equipment is a special equipment for the centering and pinning of the mechanical part of the electric power steering device. On the basis of absorbing the advanced design concepts and techniques of foreign test equipment, the equipment refers to the relevant requirements of “GC/T 649-2013 Automotive Steering Mechanism Performance Requirements and Test Methods” and relies on independent key core technologies to achieve continuous innovation after many years. And improved design, with high positioning accuracy, easy operation, high degree of automation and so on. The drilling part, the pin pressing part, the hydraulic pump station part, the sliding table driving part, and the chip discharging part are composed. The control system adopts the combination of industrial computer and PLC to realize the automatic control of the test processing results, display, printing and real-time display of the performance curve, and can be evaluated according to the given indicators.

         KTS-AFPM vibration delivery module

The latest generation of vibration transmission and delivery modules independently developed by KTS has the characteristics of small size, high delivery efficiency and low working noise.

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