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  • Work with one heart and coexistence make contribution for su

    发布时间:2019-09-02 17:12:51  作者:KTS

    On the 21, August, the chairman Wang Lipingand Vice Chairman LiWeitong, of HESH Industrial Technology Group, visited The KTSIndustrial System, and to have warmly welcomes. Chairman Wang Liping and his team, led by Liu Yunlai, general manage...

    The color of youth, called struggle

    发布时间:2019-09-02 16:46:43  作者:KTS

    Key projects started, KTS entered the higher end of Mercedes-Benz, the Great Wall and other supplier seiscin, which can not be separated from the struggle to increase the holding! At the same time,Cant live without the confidence to do a go...

    That's the best interpretation that is to bring benefits to

    发布时间:2019-09-02 16:40:13  作者:KTS

    The month is to be a very important moment for Chinas auto industry. On August 6, 2019, Zhang Lei, Vice Minister of Strategic Development of China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd., and his three people delegation visited T...

    i-boooster Assembly line

    发布时间:2019-02-12 09:13:05  作者:KTS

    iBooster, the full name of the intelligent Brake System, is the intelligent brake system. The working principle of iBooster is to use the sensor to sense the strength and speed of the driver to step on the brake, and then transmit the signa...

    Automotive Electric Power Steering System Environmental Dura

    发布时间:2019-02-12 09:08:31  作者:KTS

    Automotive electric power steering system environmental durability test bench is suitable for high and low temperature alternating humidity endurance test, room temperature endurance test, vibration endurance test and performance test of el...

    KTS Industrial System is recognized as a provincial-level

    发布时间:2019-02-12 09:05:49  作者:KTS

    Recently, Shandong SME Bureau announced the eighth batch of provincial-level specialized and special new SMEs list, Shandong Kaidis Industrial System Co., Ltd. was listed among them. Specialized and special small and medium-sized enterprises...

    KTS Industrial System EPS Assembly Production Inspection

    发布时间:2019-02-12 09:05:07  作者:KTS

    Project requirements PROJECT REQUIREMENTS ☆The assembly line can meet the assembly inspection requirements for P-EPS steering gears with and without tie rods. ☆ All in-line stations meet the assembly requirements of the left and right r...

    Hydraulic Brake Component Normal Temperature Endurance Test

    发布时间:2019-01-04 10:27:55  作者:KTS

    Hydraulic B rake C omponent N ormal T emperature E ndurance T est B ench The endurance test bench is a special test equipment for detecting the durability of six kinds of hydraulic brake components such as vacuum booster, brake master cylin...

    New Energy Electric Vehicle Drive Motor System Performance T

    发布时间:2019-01-04 10:21:15  作者:KTS

    New Energy Electric Vehicle Drive Motor System Performance Test Bench New energy electric vehicle drive motor system performance test bench mainly refers to GB-T18488.1-2015 electric vehicle drive motor system and other standard technical r...

    P-EPS Assembly and Testing Production Line

    发布时间:2019-01-04 10:16:58  作者:KTS

    P-EPS assembly and testing production line P-EPS automated assembly and testing line mainly include worm gear grinding machine, worm gear laser marking machine, torsion bar and output shaft press installation and pulse detection machine, sh...

    Liu Yunlai was invited to participate in the 2018 China Auto

    发布时间:2018-10-19 14:52:13  作者:KTS

    October 18-19, 2018, China Automobile Industry Association brake committee member meeting and China Automobile Brake Annual Conference was held in Hangzhou. The meeting was co-sponsored by the Automotive Brake Commission of the China Associa...

    Warmly Congratulations to KTS Industial Systems in the Autom

    发布时间:2018-10-18 17:49:34  作者:KTS

    The Automotive Testing Expo China 2018 was opened at the Shanghai Expo Exhibition Hall on September 25. The exhibition is one of the largest and most professional auto testing exhibitions in the world. Where gathered the world leading provi...

    Vacation Notice on 2018 KTS Industrial Systerms National Day

    发布时间:2018-10-18 17:47:00  作者:KTS

    KTSIndustrial Systems National Day vacation is from 1 to 3 October, work day is on 4 October , Happy National Day to all friends!...

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